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Rock coal grade D

Our enterprise OOO “LTS Company” (Ukraine) is the official representative of TOO “TD “Maykuben Komir” (Kazakhstan) and the exclusive dealer for the sale of coal from the Maykuben and Shubarkol coal mines.

 LTS Company has significant experience in the coal industry. We have been cooperating with coal mining enterprises of Ukraine since 1996. And in 2006, we established strong ties with coal enterprises in Kazakhstan. During this time, LTS Company has earned a reputation as a reliable and promising partner.

Why do we offer coal from Kazakhstan? First of all, it should be said that Kazakhstan is among the top ten countries on whose territory there are the largest deposits of coal in the world. To date, coal reserves are estimated at approximately 33 billion tons, which is about 4% of the world reserves. At the same time, 38% are represented by the rock coal.

As an official dealer, we offer coal of Kazakh coal mining companies in Ukraine. The main direction in the activities of our organization is wholesale trade in coal in the domestic Ukrainian market, where we supply almost to all regions of the country. In addition, we already have significant and successful experience in the supply of coal to the EU countries. Also in the regions of Ukraine, we are developing an extensive network of fuel depots for small wholesale customers and for retail sales for the population.

The main consumers of the coal we supply are housing and communal services, district administrations, fuel depots, commercial organizations, greenhouse owners, entrepreneurs and private individuals.

The coal supplied by us belongs to the long-flame group (grade D) and has high quality characteristics that are appreciated by our customers and partners. Also, it is worth noting that for the convenience of transportation and storage, our company offers coal in bags packed in 25 and 50 kg each. Packed coal allows you to transport, reload, move around the warehouse, store and sell coal without excess dust and dirt, which are inevitable with traditional transportation and loading in bulk. This attracts the end user and minimizes the loss of the seller.

Our supplies cover all possible coal fractions. But there are some that the consumer gives special preference. The most popular fraction is 40–80 mm. This size is the most optimal for most consumers. Such coal is perfectly suited for a traditional stove in a private house, and also acts as solid fuel for boilers in high-rise buildings, kindergartens, schools, summer houses, country houses, etc. Due to the low ash content (less than 10%) and low sulfur content (up to 1%), our coal belongs to an environmentally friendly type of solid fuel and meets even the highest requirements of European standards. And due to the high content of "volatile" substances (40-48%), mark D coal is well ignited, it burns intensely and for a long time.

We sincerely hope that having signed the contract, and having received the coal supplied by our Company, you will be satisfied with the quality of coal and our work and you will be interested in further cooperation with us.



Coal of grade D for household needs


    Quality characteristics of coal

Lowest specific calorific value of fuel in working condition, Qir kcal.kg5500
Highest specific calorific value of fuel in working condition, Qir kcal.kg7100
Ash content on dry fuel, Ad %6 - 10
Mass fraction of total moisture in working condition, Wrt %10 - 16
Mass fraction of total sulfur on the dry state, Sdt %0,4 - 1,0
Mass fraction of chlorine, %0,022
Mass fraction of arsenic, %0,00016
Code and mark on TN VED EurAsES2 7 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 0
Code and mark on KP VED05. 20. 10
Volatile matter yield on dry ash-free state, Vdaf, %40 - 48
The ratio of grindability, KLO1,15 - 1,21
Ash melting point at melting phases, 0C

t1- 1120-12800C,
t2- 1160-13400C,
t3- 1190-13800C



    Chemical composition of coal ash,%

SiO237,01 - 49,87
Аl2O321,86 - 30,23
Fe2O316,55 - 7,55
СаО8,79 - 4,42
MgO4,33 - 2,24
Р2O30,60 - 0,25
Na2O0,65 - 0,80
К2O0,60 - 1,50
SO38,83 - 2,24
ТiO20,78 - 0,90



    Elemental composition of daf,%

Oxygen18,4 - 20,5
Nitrogen0,93 - 1,05
Hydrogen5,76 - 4,70
Carbon74,2 - 73,1
Sulfur 0,71 - 0,65