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Brown coal of grade B-3

Our enterprise OOO “LTS Company” (Ukraine) is the official representative of TOO “TD “Maykuben Komir” (Kazakhstan) and the exclusive dealer for the sale of coal from the Maykuben and Shubarkol coal mines.

 Our Company has gained professional experience, a reputation of a reliable partner and strong ties with coal mining companies in Kazakhstan. We have a large, positive experience of participating in various competitions and tenders for the supply of coal.

The main direction of the organization’s activities is coal wholesale on the domestic market of Ukraine and abroad. Deliveries are carried out in many regions, mainly for the needs of housing and communal services. For convenience of transportation and storage, in addition to the traditional “bulk” deliveries, our coal is packaged in bags of 25 and 50 kg each.

This page provides information on brown coal, which can help you determine the feasibility of purchasing a particular type of coal, as well as familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the products we supply and select the coal you need. We sincerely hope that when you sign the contract, and receive the coal supplied by our Company, you are be satisfied with the quality of work and interested in further cooperation with us.

Brown coal is the youngest fossil coal. It lies relatively not deeply and therefore is mined, as a rule, by the open method. This circumstance significantly reduces the cost of this type of coal and makes it competitive in the energy market.

Our company is engaged in the supply of coal mark B-3.

According to its characteristics, it is the best of all grades of brown coal and is very close to long-flame coals. It has a low ash content (up to 18%), and about the same internal moisture (up to 18%). In addition, this coal contains a large amount of volatile substances (up to 50%) and due to this, it quickly ignites and burns well. Therefore, B3 coal is one of the few that is most suitable for all types of firebox with layer burning. But it is necessary to supply this coal in small portions so that volatile substances have time to combine with the oxygen of the surrounding air during combustion. Since B-3 coal can burn without blowing, it is advisable to use it in household furnaces and boilers of communal boiler houses, solid fuel boilers with automatic fuel supply. But besides that, B-3 coal is widely used in power plants; in heat and power stations; in industrial production; in the chemical industry, etc.



Coal of grade B-3 for household needs


    Quality characteristics of coal

Lowest specific calorific value of fuel in working condition, Qir kcal.kg5000
Highest specific calorific value of fuel in working condition, Qir kcal.kg6400
Ash content on dry fuel, Ad %6 - 12
Mass fraction of total moisture in working condition, Wrt %14 - 18
Mass fraction of total sulfur on the dry state, Sdt %0,4 - 1,0
Mass fraction of chlorine, %0,022
Mass fraction of arsenic, %0,00016
Code and mark on TN VED EurAsES2 7 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 0
Code and mark on KP VED05. 20. 10
Volatile matter yield on dry ash-free state, Vdaf, %40 - 48
The ratio of grindability, KLO1,15 - 1,21
Ash melting point at melting phases, 0C

t1- 1120-12800C,
t2- 1160-13400C,
t3- 1190-13800C



    Chemical composition of coal ash,%

SiO237,01 - 49,87
Аl2O321,86 - 30,23
Fe2O316,55 - 7,55
СаО8,79 - 4,42
MgO4,33 - 2,24
Р2O30,60 - 0,25
Na2O0,65 - 0,80
К2O0,60 - 1,50
SO38,83 - 2,24
ТiO20,78 - 0,90



    Elemental composition of daf,%

Oxygen18,4 - 20,5
Nitrogen0,93 - 1,05
Hydrogen5,76 - 4,70
Carbon74,2 - 73,1
Sulfur 0,71 - 0,65