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Coal anthracite

LTS Company (Ukraine) is the official representative of Maykuben Komir Company (Kazakhstan) and the exclusive dealer for the sale of coal from the Maykuben coal mine.


antr-03 Our Company supplies the fuel market of Ukraine with high-quality high-grade anthracite coal from the Republic of South Africa. Direct deliveries are made by sea in containers. All coal for different customers is packaged in big bags (1 ton) and polypropylene bags (50 kg each). Wholesale and retail, this coal can be purchased at the fuel depot of the LTS Company in the city of Nikolaev.

Coal Anthracite

As everyone knows, fossil coals are divided by age and depth of occurrence - hence the various methods of mining (open, closed). But the most important thing is the properties and characteristics of various types of coal. It is the composition of coal and its properties that determine the breadth of its areas of application and, accordingly, the demand and the volume of production (consumption). Anthracite is considered to be the most popular of all coals.

Anthracite differs from other types of coal with high quality characteristics and unique properties.

This is a low humidity, low content of volatile compounds and sulfur, but at the same time, the highest content of fixed carbon is from 91 to 98%. It is because of the high carbon content that another distinctive feature of anthracite is the very high specific heat of combustion. This type of coal burns practically without flames and smoke, releasing a large amount of heat (up to 8000 kcal/kg).

Due to these properties, anthracite has been and remains an indispensable fuel in various spheres of human activity: in production, for blast furnaces, for electric and thermal stations, for boiler and mini-boilers, for municipal needs, as fuel (for ships and locomotives) etc. Also, this type of coal is widely used by the population for various domestic needs.