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Fuel pellets

In the modern world, the consumption of fuel briquettes and pellets is growing very rapidly (according to some estimates, up to 30–40% per year). This is due to the long-term trend of rising prices for hydrocarbon fuel and the depletion of its global reserves.

In this regard, our Company produces not only a variety of equipment for the production of briquettes and pellets from various materials. Using our equipment, we also produce fuel briquettes and pellets made of coal grade D, which we regularly supply to Ukraine and the EU countries from Kazakhstan (Maykubensky coal mine). Such versatility allows our company to produce fuel briquettes for boilers for a variety of consumer and commercial needs of our partners and customers all year round.

When mining, sorting, transporting and selling fossil coal, waste inevitably accumulates in the form of fines and dust. This is the source of raw materials for the production of coal briquettes and fuel briquettes. Particularly successful is the production of briquettes and pellets from coal grades B, D, G, F, K. Fuel briquettes and pellets from Kazakh coal grade D are manufactured by our company without the use of binding technological additives. Quality products are obtained by the substances already contained in the raw materials and performing the functions of natural glue. It is enough to have the raw material fraction of 0-5 mm and carefully mix it with a certain amount of water to a state of a uniform pasty mass. Due to this moment, in the production of fuel briquettes and pellets, the quality characteristics of the source material do not deteriorate, and the output is lumpy solid fuel for boilers with a long burning time and high heat transfer.

The following types of fuel briquettes from coal are in special demand with our customers.


Fuel briquettes and pellets are a universal means of heating, both industrial facilities and social facilities. They can be used as fuel for boilers for heating production facilities of small and medium size, social facilities (administrative buildings, schools, hospitals), for household needs of the population. The use of innovative technology of briquetting and granulation, allows you to get competitive fuel for boilers with good quality indicators. Fuel briquettes for boilers are made on modern equipment, using a special technology that allows to achieve high quality and environmentally friendly fuel for boilers.

The main advantages of fuel briquettes

Fuel briquettes are more high-tech fuel for boilers in relation to conventional coal and firewood. They do not include any harmful substances, including adhesives, and therefore the burning process excludes such negative aspects as smoke, sparking and smell. This ensures exceptional environmental safety when used both for industrial purposes and in household: (braziers) stoves, fireplaces, all types of furnaces, for heating tents, greenhouses, etc.