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Direct deliveries of hard coal from Kazakhstan



coal packed
in bags of 25 kg

European ports

fraction 5-25mm, 40-80mm


  Ash content up to 8-10%, humidity up to 12-14%, volatile substances 46%, calorie content 5350-7200 kcal.

300-350 €/t.
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Information about company

LTS company has significant experience in the field of coal. We have been cooperating with coal mining enterprises of Ukraine since 1996. In 2006, we established strong ties with coal enterprises in Kazakhstan. During this time have earned a reputation as a reliable and promising partner.

The main direction in the activities of our company is the wholesale trade of rock and brown coal in the domestic Ukrainian market, where we supply almost all regions of the country. In addition, we already have significant and successful experience in the supply of coal to the EU countries.

We deliver:

  • Coal grade D (fraction 40-80 mm) packed in bags in covered sealed rail cars;
  • Coal grade D (fraction from 0-300 to 50-200 mm) in bulk in open gondola rail cars
  • Coal grade D (fraction of 5-25 mm "ECO-PEA") packed up in bags, in the covered sealed rail cars.

Rock coal and lignite are widely demanded for fuel depots, wholesalers, heat generating enterprises, housing and communal farms, as well as for private consumers. The increased demand for coal is dictated by its optimal performance and high quality. It is an ideal solid fuel for boilers, traditional furnaces, but also for modern boiler equipment, especially for solid fuel boilers with automatic feed. It ignites rather quickly (volatile 40-48%) and burns for a relatively long time (much longer than bio pellet), releasing a lot of heat. The low ash content of our coal (less than 10%) and the absence of sintering allows the consumer to make regular cleaning of boiler equipment with a lower frequency. One of the most valuable aspects when using our coal is its environmental friendliness. The reason is that it has a very low sulfur content (about 0.5%), and this is especially appreciated in Europe. Any user will appreciate that when coal is burned, there is no unpleasant smell, smoke, and soot.

Keeping up with the times and considering the requirements of modern boiler equipment for fuel homogeneity, our Company from Kazakh D grade coal produces ECOGOROSHEK. So in everyday life was called coal fraction 5-25 mm, the most suitable (convenient) for automatic systems for the supply of solid fuels.

For the same reasons, as well as meeting the wishes of our customers, our Company produces fuel pellets and briquettes from coal. Since in the production of pellets, we do not use any binding additives, our pellets retain all the above-mentioned characteristics of the original Kazakh coal. At the same time, production is carried out on the equipment of our manufacture.

Having spent a long time in the market for the sale of coal, our company could not fail to notice the growing and active interest of consumers in alternative types of solid fuels. In this connection, we have begun the process of developing new technologies for the production of coal briquettes of various types. At the same time, was used the equipment developed and manufactured by our company. We took into account the interest of consumers not only in coal braces, but also the growing demand for charcoal, biochar and charcoal briquettes of various types. At the moment, our company offers the following types of alternative solid fuels:

    1. Anthracite Briquettes. They are pure, low-ash anthracite, agglomerated and compacted from a fine and dust-like fraction. In terms of density, ash content and combustion characteristics, it is practically not inferior to the classic anthracite of the best brands.
    2. Charcoal briquette of Pini&Key type. Obtained by the method of pyrolysis carbonization (charring). To do this, we take a classic pini-kay wood briquette made of hardwood, which is charred in a pyrolysis oven to obtain a high-carbon charcoal briquette. In terms of density, hardness and longitude of burning, carbonated pini-kay completely surpasses ordinary charcoal.
    3. Wood charcoal briquettes. They are compressed fine and dusty fraction of hard charcoal. Obtained by diffusion pressing. Due to their fractional content, density and environmental friendliness, they are ideal for barbecue grills, etc. In terms of combustion characteristics, they are several times superior to charcoal. You can see more details on the characteristics of the offered briquette products on the corresponding sections of our website.