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Eco-pea (coal) for solid fuel boilers (automatic and semi-automatic)

Our enterprise OOO “LTS Company” (Ukraine) is the official representative of TOO “TD “Maykuben Komir” (Kazakhstan) and the exclusive dealer for the sale of coal from the Maykuben and Shubarkol coal mines.


Eco peas in bags

Calorific value: 24-29 MJ/kg
Ash content: 6-8%
Granulation: 8-25 mm
Sulfur content: 0,4-0,8%
Resilience: 5-10 RI
Moisture content: 12-16%
Packaging: 25 kg bag

The listed price does not include excise tax and VAT


price 175 € net ton

DAP Siemianówka


We offer wholesale supplies of coal prepared especially for use in modern automatic solid fuel boilers to all interested individuals, enterprises and organizations. Such heating units with an automated portion of the supply of solid fuel in our time are very widespread in all developed countries of the world. Solid requirements for automatic boilers are high. This is a high "environmental friendliness", that is, a low sulfur content and a low opacity during combustion; these are both low ash and high calorific value.

The correct character of fuel combustion and the minimum sulfur content are the main requirements for reliable and trouble-free operation of solid fuel equipment throughout the entire life cycle. Quality of the fuel determines whether the boiler will last 5 years or will work until its complete obsolescence or even longer.

Another important requirement for solid fuels for automated boilers is the homogeneity of the fractional composition of the fuel, that is, the same size of the pieces should be observed (approximately) and there should be no too large and too small pieces. That is important when setting up automation for a uniform supply and for complete and uniform combustion of fuel. The fact is that the main part of the feeder is a screw or piston. This is another (constructive) feature of boilers, which causes high demands on the size of the fuel used. The presence of pieces exceeding the size of 25 mm, can cause jamming of the feeders and lead to the failure of the boiler and the subsequent costly repair.

Eco-peas (made of Kazakh coal of grade D)


5-25 mm


8-10 %


8-10 %


0,3-0,5 %



Heat value

5500-7100 kcal

Packing  - bag

15, 25 kg

It is also extremely important that the fuel used in the automatic boiler has a minimum degree of sintering. Otherwise, in the process of burning, the formation of a solid “cap” of the sintered pieces of fuel is possible, which will impede the supply of the next batch. As a result, the boiler attenuation and burner failure will occur.

 One of the types of solid fuels that meets these requirements (in terms of size, environmental friendliness and ash content) is fuel pellets made of various raw materials of plant origin. But they burn very quickly (this is a big expense) and do not give as much heat during combustion as fossil coal. Of all the fossil coal, anthracite has the highest calorific value, which even leads to burning of combustion chambers. It burns for a long time, but it ignites for a very long time and its incombustible residue has a property of sintering. Even with low ash content, this creates certain inconveniences and problems.

The best fuel option in this case is coal and lignite. Especially good for the tasks assigned are coals of grade B3 and mark D (long flame). After the mined coals of these grades (Br and Dr) are enriched (separated from the rock and impurities) and then sieved (sorted into fractions), the selected fraction is 5-25 mm and is the desired "ideal." Thanks to this fraction of coal "peas" is used as the main fuel for any automatic coal-fired boilers.



Therefore, now such coal has become the most demanded among consumers using automatic solid fuel boilers. Because it burns well and quickly, it burns long enough (less than anthracite, but longer than pellets) and produces a lot of heat during combustion. Its net calorific value is about 5500 kcal/kg. A higher temperature and duration of burning in comparison with pellets gives less consumption of raw materials per unit of heated area and reduces the cycle time of filling the bunker of the boiler.

In addition, this coal is not sintered (coking efficiency index Rog - less than 20 units), which is very important. This ensures the normal operation of the automatic burner without slagging and blockage.

And for its low ash content (up to 10%) and low sulfur content (up to 1%), it received an unofficial name “ECO-PEA”.

Thus, our company offers all interested individuals and organizations high-quality coal for automatic solid fuel boilers. Moreover, it is packaged in convenient polypropylene bags of 15 and 25 kg. That takes into account almost any requests, goals and objectives of consumers and sellers.

We look forward to collaborating.