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Peat briquettes

Peat is widely used in many areas of the national economy. It is used as a fertilizer in agriculture, and also as a heat-insulating building material. But in recent years, peat has become increasingly used as a fuel for heating homes. The use of peat as a fuel is due to the high carbon content, as well as the low content of sulfur and harmful non-combustible residues and impurities. In fact, peat is young coal.

Peat is used as a fuel in three types:

The LTS company offers peat briquettes made by pressing dehydrated milled peat. We crushed peat, we scatter, dry in special dryers and then we make briquettes from the obtained raw materials on extruder and roller presses. The resulting peat briquettes are fairly strong pieces of the same shape. As a result of processing peat into peat briquettes, its calorific value increases and its performance approaches the level of coal. Peat briquettes, like wood briquettes, are easy to kindle, easy to store and transport. Due to the high calorific value, peat briquettes can be used in any solid fuel boilers and boiler systems. The gases formed during the combustion of a peat briquette practically do not contain environmentally harmful substances, and the resulting ash is often used in households as an effective fertilizer.

The positive characteristics of peat briquettes include the possibility of using them in various heating equipment in combination with other types of fuel. In addition, peat briquettes smolder for a long time and maintain the temperature in the furnace. The time during which the burning process of peat briquettes is completed is 5 times longer than the burning time of firewood.

Peat briquettes are used for all types of solid fuel boilers, fireplaces, stoves, both in residential and industrial premises. It is used as fuel in various kinds of greenhouses, saunas, as well as at thermal power plants, for the production of thermal and electrical energy. At the same time, peat briquettes are an environmentally friendly biofuel.