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Fuel Pellets

s2We offer a great alternative to wood pellets.

Our company offers a new technological, environmentally friendly type of fuel for pellet boilers of all types. In fact, it is a pellet, but made of high quality coal with a low sulfur and ash content. Our coal pellet not only completely repeats all the positive properties of wood pellets, but also surpasses this type of solid fuel in all respects, providing the consumer with the following benefits:


Due to the above mentioned properties, coal fuel pellets, along with wood pellets, are used by a growing number of consumers. Most often, our customers buy pellets from our high-quality coal in order to use this type of fuel for heating in solid fuel boilers, especially in boilers with automatic fuel supply, as well as in boilers and mini-boilers.


Qualitative characteristics of coal pellets (and briquettes) from Kazakh coal:
Heat of combustion 5450–7044 kcal/kg
Density up to 1,5 g/cm3
Ash content 8-10%
Humidity 8-10%
Sulfur content 0,3%
Volatile 40-48%


Coal fuel pellets are the most optimal raw material for modern solid fuel boilers, both with manual combustion control and with automatic fuel supply

Our high-quality coal fuel pellets burn much longer than biomass pellets and give much more heat when burned.