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Anthracite Briquette


Our company produces briquettes from low-ash dust of pure anthracite, which guarantees preservation of all properties and characteristics of the best coals of the anthracite group in the finished briquette. First of all, this is a high percentage of carbon content. The index of carbon content in our briquette is not less than 93 - 95%. This indicator directly affects the calorific value and duration of combustion of coal and, accordingly, a coal briquette. In pure anthracite carbon is 91 - 98%. Due to the technological processes of pressing, the offered anthracite briquette acquires a high density. This indicator is also close to the density of the best anthracite coal grades, which guarantees an anthracite briquette with combustion characteristics identical to classic anthracite.

In terms of ash content, anthracite briquette repeats the indicators of pure anthracite dust from which it is made. The addition of binders used in the production of anthracite briquettes is less than 3% of dry weight and does not significantly affect the ash content of the finished briquette. It should be added that the binders used in briquetting are absolutely natural, have a purely organic origin and, when an anthracite briquette is burned, they do not produce harmful or unpleasant odors and soot. In addition, anthracite briquettes have the same size, which makes them convenient for transportation, and, if necessary, packing in bags or big bags. Briquettes have high density, hardness, do not break down during transportation and storage. Based on all of the above, we can make a fair conclusion that the anthracite briquettes that have passed the pressing and drying processes are actually no different from the classic anthracite of the best brands.



    The technical parameters 

Indicator nameValue
Ash content10-15%
Volatile 4-8%
Calorific value (lowest)6500-6800 kcal/kg
Calorific value (highest)7800-8000 kcal/kg
Carbon 95%